Members of Stanford’s Shared Leadership Research and Innovation Counsel attended the world’s largest gathering of nurses, Magnet 2018. Read two firsthand accounts of this experience and what made the biggest impact on them here.

Magnet 2018 – Research & Innovation

Nick Lynch

My first Magnet conference in Denver, Colorado themed “Educate. Innovate. Celebrate”, was an eye opening and inspiring experience.  This year’s conference was attended by over 11,000 nurses, motivated to share and learn from their peers. The extraordinary number of nurses in attendance represented the largest Magnet conference in history. I was extremely impressed with the wide variety of Magnet and non-Magnet hospitals represented at the event, along with the high quality and pertinent information sessions and presentations.

The speakers, including Patch Adams and Aron Rolston, brought diverse experiences and unique perspectives to their presentations. Though they all had very different stories to tell, a common theme was that as nurses, we have an incredible opportunity and obligation to constantly challenge the status quo and strive for ways to improve our quality of patient care.  This message resonated with my role in the Research and Innovation Council because nursing led research and evidence based practice is such a critical component of any effective healthcare system.

The conference also offered many information sessions, ranging from disaster protocols to creation of evidence based practice resources for nurses. I attended several information sessions with a research theme. The focus of these sessions ranged from online pathways for nurse led evidence based practice, to incorporation of research in nurse residency programs.  I left the sessions feeling enlightening with new ideas and concepts to bring back to Stanford Health Care, but also proud that SHC already seems well ahead of the curve in terms of creating resources and pathways for nursing led research.

I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in being inspired by their peers and wants to broaden their understanding of the future of patient care, to attend the 2019 Magnet Conference in Orlando.


Diana Zhen

My experience at the 2018 Magnet conference was incredible and humbling. I was excited as it was my first time attending. At Stanford Health Care, we often focus on our own clinical areas and topics of interest specific to our facility. Magnet gave me the opportunity to share thoughts and experiences, and see what works at other organizations.

The opening remarks was exhilarating.  Seeing 10,000 nurses sharing the same passion for Magnet and the pursuit of nursing excellence was truly inspiring. It also made you feel incredibly proud to be part of the Stanford Health Care family.

At Magnet, my focus was to attend the research related lectures and see what worked at other organizations. To my surprise, we are already working on many of those initiatives as part of our strategic plan and I was incredibly proud to say that our Stanford nurses have a direct role in shaping these programs.

My favorite keynote speaker was definitely Cy Wakeman and her approach to drama and conflict management. Her reality based approach to conflict is to empower the nurse and come up with unique solutions that would work in their clinic setting given the existing challenges. This is to say what can you do now, given the reality of the situation, to help improve both the provider and patients experience. It replaced the negative feelings of venting with active brainstorming. This talk has relevant implications when dealing with challenges in the workplace as it helps redirect negative feelings with active solutions.

It was an inspiring conference and I hope every nurse gets to experience Magnet at least once.

Article By: Nick Lynch & Diana Zhen

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