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The Office of Research, Patient Care Services is happy to welcome Dr. Nancy Dudley, Ph.D., RN.  She is the inaugural Nursing Postdoctoral Fellow with the Department of Medicine – Division of Primary Care & Population Health.

Nancy Dudley, Ph.D., RN

My name is Nancy Dudley. I’m the inaugural postdoctoral fellow in nursing research in the Department of Medicine – Division of Primary Care & Population Health – Palliative Care Section with a joint appointment at Stanford Health Care. This fellowship was made possible by a generous grant from the Stanford Nurse Alumnae and support of the Stanford School of Medicine. My postdoctoral work will focus on palliative care in ambulatory care settings at Stanford Health Care, Stanford Children’s Health and Stanford School of Medicine.

My clinical background is extensive.  I worked in ICU, surgical services and ambulatory care, and as a manager developing and implementing programs for older adults with serious illness from hospital to ambulatory care and community settings, including long-term care. I received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of San Francisco, Master’s in Nursing Administration and Gerontology, and a PhD in Health Policy from the University of California, San Francisco. My dissertation research was mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) that focused on nationally identifying older adults with serious illness and multimorbidity in primary care and subspecialty settings to benefit from palliative care, and developing a conceptual model of the process of collaboration among primary care and palliative care interdisciplinary teams to deliver palliative care in ambulatory care.   Another focus of my research is to study the palliative care workforce to inform the development of community-based palliative care.

My dissertation research was funded by the National Hartford Center for Gerontological Nursing Excellence and the MayDay Fund. In addition, I completed a post-doctoral fellowship at UCSF Geriatrics/Palliative Care in the Veteran’s Administration Quality Scholar Program where I led and completed five projects that focused on developing care systems for complex patients who could benefit from palliative care services. The results of these projects were presented at the International Association for Geriatrics and Gerontology Conference in 2018, American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine/Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association Annual Assembly (2017,2018), and at the American Geriatric Society Annual Assembly (2018). I also completed a yearlong UCSF implementation science certificate program in the School of Medicine.

I chose to come to Stanford because this fellowship focuses on establishing a program of research in palliative care, integrating significant research findings into clinical practice, securing funding through grants, and building on the fellowship experience to achieve a sustainable career pathway as a leader in nursing scholarship, innovation, and practice. Nurses have unique leadership skills and an excellent understanding of how the complex health care system operates to deliver quality, continuous, coordinated care across settings to meet the needs of seriously ill older adults and their families. I will leverage the knowledge from the Stanford Schools of Medicine, Business, Engineering, and Education to promote innovation and new technologies to gain access to quality, efficient care that can improve the quality of life for our patients and their families.

Article By: Nancy Dudley

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