Stanford Medicine RITE Program

Now Accepting Applications for August 2019 Cohort

Call for Nurses’ Participation in the RITE Program

The Office of Research, Patient Care Services (ORPCS) is sponsoring a selection of bedside non-exempt nurses to participate in Stanford’s RITE Program. Please contact the Office of Research if you have questions at

RITE Announcement PDF Flyer

Qualifications for Support from the ORPCS:

  • Must have > 2 years of bedside clinician experience
  • Worked at Stanford Health Care > 1 year
  • At least one year of experience on current unit
  • Employed between 0.5 FTE to 0.9 FTE as a clinical nurse
  • Non-exempt employee status
  • Must have management support and clearance to participate
  • Time commitment varies, but it is expected that at least 30+ hours of project time in addition to class time will be needed outside of work hours for 5 months. 
  • Participants will be paid at their base hourly rate not exceeding 40 hours per week.
  • Participants will gain practical knowledge in quality improvement and project management, and participate in an approved enterprise-wide QI project.

This application is to develop a pool of candidates from inpatient or outpatient nursing for upcoming cohorts of the RITE program. Selection is solely driven by the project needs and NOT on individual merit. For example, if a RITE project requests a bedside nurse from B2 to be part of their project; we will access the available pool of applicants and identify the applications of nurses who work on B2. There may not be a project for expertise/unit in every cohort.

RITE Supporting Mission:

To provide the environment, tools, and knowledge needed to realize improvement through front line team empowerment.

Provide practical education in improvement methodologies and tools.

Use a team and project based model.

Produce sustainable results and processes.


Program Details:

Flipped classroom style. Participants watch 3-5 ten minute video tutorials to prepare for each course session. Sessions are used for discussion and application. 2 hour sessions occur every 2 weeks. Tailored for front line improvement teams. More focused for front line teams. 20 hours of classroom time.

  • Team and project-based training
  • Cross-departmental projects
  • Alignment with major strategic initiatives
  • Occurs every 5 months


Program Logistics:

Call for applications go out February and August each year (2 cohorts per year).

Notice of accepted/declined RITE program applications are sent out in March and September. Nurses will be notified if they are selected for a project and sponsorship by the end of March and September.

Contact CELT Administration Team at to be added to the call for applications for the RITE Program.

If you have any further questions about ORPCS’s sponsorship for the RITE Program, please reach out to

RITE Course Dates

RITE Cohort 16 Dates & Location (Wednesdays), 11:00am to 1:00pm

Day 1 – 11/13/2019 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 2 – 11/20/2019 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 3 – 12/04/2019 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 4 – 12/11/2019 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 5 – 01/08/2020 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 6 – 01/22/2020 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 7 – 02/05/2020 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 8 – 02/19/2020 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 9 – 03/04/2020 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 10 – 03/18/2020 on SHC/SOM Campus (Graduation)

RITE Cohort 17 Dates& Location (Fridays), 11:00am – 1:00pm

Day 1 – 11/15/2019 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 2 – 11/22/2019 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 3 – 12/06/2019 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 4 – 12/13/2019 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 5 – 01/10/2020 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 6 – 01/24/2020 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 7 – 02/07/2020 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 8 – 02/21/2020 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 9 – 03/06/2020 on SHC/SOM Campus

Day 10 – 03/27/2020 on SHC/SOM Campus (Graduation)

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