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Hong-nei (Connie) Wong, DVM, MLIS is the new nursing liaison librarian at Stanford’s Lane Medical Library. Connie brings a dynamic wealth of knowledge and experience to her role.  She is the main point of contact if you are searching research articles, evidence-based practice (EBP) articles, or require the most up-to-date research on a specific topic. In this issue of Discovery, we interview Connie.

Meet the Expert – Hong-nei (Connie) Wong, DVM, MLIS

For this article in Discovery, we interviewed Connie Wong, the new nursing liaison at Stanford’s Lane Medical Library. Connie has a diverse background of experience and looks forward to contributing her skills to support research. For any general questions, please e-mail her and include a brief description of your topic at If your request is more in-depth, please utilize the Literature Search Service form.  Instructions on how to complete the form can be found on the ORPCS website, Literature Searching Strategies. Monique Bouvier shared the meet-and-greet interview with Connie.

Question: Can you tell me a little about your background and training?

Answer: My undergraduate was in business administration and accounting. I worked in credit card process re-engineering department for about 3 years before moving to the United States. I went back to school and got my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Master of Veterinary Preventive Medicine (like MPH in human medicine) degrees from UC Davis. After practicing in a small animal practice for about 7 years, I was accepted as one of the recipients of San Jose State University “Librarians for Tomorrow” Program and finished my Master of Library and Information Science. I worked at the San Jose Public Library and later at the University of San Francisco before joining the Lane Medical Library in June 2018.

Question: Why did you choose to study librarian sciences?

Answer: I enjoy spending time in the library. So, I thought it would be fun to learn how it operates. When I started the library science program, I was fascinated about the complexity of library resources and information science. We integrate and apply the knowledge from various disciplines, like education theories, learning theories, data management, information technology, marketing, and even interior design.

Question: What brought you to Stanford Health Care?

Answer: I decided to become a full-time medical librarian at Stanford Health Care because of the positive and rewarding experience gained from working with the nursing and business graduate students at USF. Since SHC and Stanford Medicine are the leaders in medical research and evidence based medicine, I will have even more opportunities to learn from these experts, challenge myself, and contribute to the community.

Question: What departments do you assist here at Stanford Health Care?

Answer: I am the library liaison for the nursing, medicine, OBGYN, pathology and cancer institute. I am also the library liaison for the MD and MSPA students, as well as comparative medicine department.

Question: Can you describe some of your experiences in the past working with nursing students and nurses on research projects.

Answer: I took the JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program in early 2017.  USF nursing graduate students are required to conduct evidence based projects and write up/present their papers in the student research symposium. I provided assistance with literature searches, academic writing and citation management.

Question: Is there anything else you want our nurses to know about you?

Answer:  I am excited to have the opportunity to continue collaborating and learning from all the patient-centered and EBP-focused nurses at an organization, like Stanford Health Care.

Question: I have to ask, because you are a librarian, what is your favorite book?

Answer:  Since I love animals and books, one of my favorite books is “Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.”


Article By: Monique Bouvier

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