Research & Innovation Council

Research & Innovation Council

At Stanford Health Care, Shared Leadership’s Research & Innovation council offers house-wide guidance on research-related activities and opportunities. The council’s vision is to be the nexus for clinical research and critical inquiry, leading Stanford Health Care in healing humanity through science and compassion, one patient at a time. Council goals are: 1) Define the role of a Clinical Scientist; 2) Build and promote clinical inquiry; 3) Advance clinical care; and 4) Conduct and translate cutting-edge research. The current council Chair is Jovy Borja, RN; the Chair-Elect is Kota Reichert, DPT; and the scientific advisor is André Valdez, PhD.

Council Timeline

EBP Model

Stanford Evidence-Based Practice Model (developed by the council in 2015)

Current Projects

Research & Innovation Council EBP Projects (by clinical service)

  • Brain & Behavior: “Pain Assessment in Dementia Patients”
  • Transplantation: “Minimizing Staff Burnout in Psychiatric and Other Units”
  • Musculoskeletal & Ortho: “Standardizing Pre-Op Pregnancy Testing”
  • Cancer: “Early Patient Access and Education on Palliative Care”
  • Cardiac: “Glucose Control in Heart Failure Patients”
  • Predictive, Preventive, & Longitudinal: “Enhancing Teamwork and Communication in Acute Care Domains”

EBP Guidelines

This document provides guidance to clinicians as they initiate and perform research-related activities.

Guidlines Document

EBP Steps & Advisement

EBP Steps PPT Slide
EBP request form/application
Lane Library for literature review

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